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Name:in four parts
This is a writing journal! I have a different DW for my actual life. I don't like to connect them in public spaces, but if you want to know who I am, feel free to ask.

98% of the content herein is 100% original; the characters belong to myself or close friends, most notably my constant co-writer also hiding under the semi-anonymous writing journal of [personal profile] sartorius. I also write with original characters in the Dragonriders of Pern universe, and that final 2% might show up here.

The layout is the lovely and ever-popularly growing "Night Watch" by [personal profile] winterfish, saving my lazy soul that used to once upon a time design things. Also, the livejournal [ profile] wingshaped is also me, so if you see any reproduced material, that's all it is: reproduced.
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